compact synth setup with huge sound

from @geargab

Great compact synth setup? My current setup includes the Minitaur run through Flashback delay. Sounds huge!

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I don't know what the NSA listens to all day long but here is what I have been eaves dropping on lately!

Arp, Boris, Dan Deacon, the Haxen Cloak, Koen Holtkamp, Kraftwerk, Notwist, Oneohtrix Point Never, Petrels, Portishead, SQÜRL, Suicide and Tones on Tail

Here you go:

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Hunger Games Catching Fire Hysteria

My daughter has been in full blown Hunger Games : Catching Fire mode lately with the new movie being just released. Here is a hilarious review that sums up the hysteria perfectly!

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What I’m Reading: 7 February 2013

  1. David Byrne's opinion of the events that led up to Aaron Swartz's death and a communities response. (via Hacker News)
  2. Simon Rich has finished his hilarious serialized novella, SELL OUT, over at the New Yorker.
    (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). (via the New Yorker)
  3. Project Gutenberg has packaged together a wonderful collection of public domain Science Fiction that you can download for free! (via TOR)
  4. More reaction to the United States canceling its long time tradition of regular Saturday drone strikes.
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Road Trip with Multiple Warheads

Brandon Graham's new 4 part Multiple Warheads comic is about a former organ smuggler named Sexica and her mechanic / werewolf boyfriend Nikoli. They are on the run and using it as an excuse for a road trip.

Nikoli didn't become a werewolf by being bitten or scratched. He was the recipient of an organ transplant, the male organ!

Graham's comics are a visual and imaginative treat. I highly recommend getting the individual issues so that you can collect the fantastic covers.

As always, head to your local comic shop to get this. Talk to a person and skip the whole rain forest shopping thing.
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for your listening pleasure: the Starfolk

It is Friday and here is a pretty song for you to enjoy. It is by the Starfolk. Visit their site. Buy their 7".

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