I don't know what the NSA listens to all day long but here is what I have been eaves dropping on lately!

Arp, Boris, Dan Deacon, the Haxen Cloak, Koen Holtkamp, Kraftwerk, Notwist, Oneohtrix Point Never, Petrels, Portishead, SQÜRL, Suicide and Tones on Tail

Here you go:

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Mountain Singers – It Seems So

Here is treat for you! A true gem from the Mountain Singer vaults featuring the trumpet stylings of Peter Robelia.

This is the third song on the 1996 Ta-hu-wa-hu-wai album.

A song about sitting in a hot car, waiting for someone for way too long. Thinking about what could possibly be taking so damn long?
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Mountain Singers – Across a Level Gorge

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Mountain Singers – Pooling

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H+ The Digital Series

H+ the Digital Series has arrived and hits with a bang! 6 episodes were released in the first day and they give enough of a tease to really want more. H+ is a company that provides an implant that gives you full time virtual access to the internet. The series jumps around in time with the key moment being when a network virus infects the H+ technology and kills a huge percentage of the population. The initial 6 episodes average between 4 to 8 minutes in length. If it drives you crazy watching so many short youtube videos with titles and credits than just find someone who has built a playlist. Here is mine. Enjoy!
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Tom Hank’s Electric City

Electric City is a bold move when it comes to web series. It consists of 20 episodes released over 4 days on an interactive website that displays character information and map locations. There is also an iOS game released to correspond to the web series. It has the gigantic name of Tom Hanks behind it. It is available exclusively through Yahoo!

My 12 year old daughter and I sat down to watch this together. We had an entire afternoon and I thought we could get through the 20 episodes and good portion of the iPhone game. As we jumped in there were a couple of items that jumped right out. The writing and the voice acting were excellent. I didn't immediately recognize any voices other than Tom Hanks but I later found out that many of the actors were TV and movie regulars.

The writing stood out even more. For a web project there is a huge cast. By the 5th 5 minute episode we had been introduced to 15 to 20 characters. The interactive website was really instrumental in helping the view keep track of all these characters and locations. A small character bio window gave us a single sentence overview as each character spoke. Another location window reminded us of where we were in this apocalyptic world.

The real downside is one that I have for many web shows. Each 5 minute episode had a 30 second intro and a 60 second end credit. That is huge amount of wasted time over 20 episodes. I'm not sure if there are any union rules that demand certain credits have to run. My question is why couldn't these credits be placed on the actual webpage?
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